We Are Free In being women and Feminism Followers force to change themselves to men

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This interview is our intimate conversation with one of the Muslim women activists who has participated in
the » International Festival of Muslim Women’s Print Media». This Festival was in Iran in the date 13/12/1433. It will perform in Lebanon in the next year.

For the first please introduce your self please.

My name is Nourhane Bizid . I am from Tunisia. I am studying finance in the grade of Doctorate in the university.

The appearance of the Feminism movement goes back to 200 years ago. The emblem of this movement is «the equal right of men and women».

But nowadays we can perceive the role of most women of the west, just in the pictures and photos of the magazines, in the propagandas and sport centers and etc… And that’s not the real grandeur of women.
In your opinion why that emblem of the equal right causes to this inequality that we see now in the western society?
Is this emblem of equal right more beneficial for the western men or women?

Their emblem of the equality of the men and women is a lie. They want to led the women believe it. It is a lie. With this equality that they say, the women will not have the better situation. The women and the men are compliment. They are never the same as each other. We are equal in front of Justice. But there are some rights that are not equal for men and women.

Women who are the followers of the school of feminist, we see that their physics are like men. They speak like men. They recede from their reality that is their feminity. The feminism is not appropriate especially for our societies because for our societies the Holy Quran determines the rights of men and women. It protects the value of women as wives, mothers, as working women, active women in the society but all them as women not changing women to men.
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About some years ago, some media sources announced that English parliament’s women have used themale hormone in order to strengthen their power in the parliament political dispute.

Why today western women have the feeling of inferiority about their feminity that instead of the equal right by men they want to change themselves to men? Why the English parliament women should change their physiology?

The problem is that the women believe in this equality that feminists define for them, think that it is the best for them. But for example a woman is a mom and after the pregnancy she needs to have months to care about her baby. If she be equal to men, they wouldn’t see her as a mom. And they will say her you must work even you will go after bear you must work at this moment. You are equal to men. But women need to have some times in working not be equal to men. In specific times she needs different rights in contrast with men. This is why the feminism will block women and will change them to be men. So she wants to be men even in physic because she feels that this feminity weakens her.

By following Feminism, she can’t be always active and this will disturbs her. So if she accepts and follows the rules of feminism, she has to try to change herself to a man in order to be more physically powerful and successful like what feminism has defines for her

Do you think we should have an international institute to protect women’s print Media the Muslim print to have relationship with each other to progress unique idea in the Muslim nation?

Yes. I think that’s a good idea because women in different parts of the world have different ideas. So we must communicate together. It is beneficial for humanity and women.
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What is the viewpoint of people of your country through the Islamic republic of Iran?

In Tunisia before we have shiah called khilafah Fatimiyah. The shiah in this khilafah Fatimiyah are smaeeliyah. They believe up to the imam the seventh. But now the Muslims in Arabic worlds paying attention in shiism specially when they heard about the revolution of Iran and they see that it succeeds very well. The success of Islamic revolution led people to understand the shiism better and to be converted to it. After Sallaheddin ayoubi is killed the number of shiahs was decreasing very much. But after Islamic revelution(of Iran) the number of shiahs increased because they know the real shiism. And any of the Tunisian Families have become shiah.

Do you think that a journalist Muslim woman should be single in order to be successful in her work or she can have a family, training children and be successful in her work?

No, it is not necessary to be single. She can be married be a wife and be successful. We have the examples of the journalist women who are successful in journalism. Most important is to know how to distribute to share about the responsibility in the house and the work.

Thank you very much. If you want to say anything to the women or young girls of Iran, please mention it at the end.

I say to Iranian women that you are in the paradise. Protect your government. In Tunisia we suffered a lot from forbidding hijab and praying is impossible because they control you when you go to the mosques. And the hijab is very important when we speak about the rights of women. When you for example are at home you must be attractive, but you should protect your hair and body to be more respectful in street. You yourself should make your rights. And you are free to have hijab in Iran. The women who make hijab in Tunisia suffered a lot but now after the revolution of Tunisia women have many rights and they can have hijab somehow. Thank you very much for your magazine and for Iran and invitation I am so happy about it…
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  1. Dear Ms / Mr ساکت,

    Somebody not living in Iran is comparing the women’s condition in her country with the way Iranian women live. She clearly states that in her country women were under a lot of pressure and they didn’t have their general simple rights before their Islamic revolution.

    Are you going to tell us that she is making a mistake or she is lying? would you please explain your vision of paradise to us? How should the women’s paradise look in your opinion?


  2. No, that’s the exact country you’re looking for. but, you are putting it in a wrong way.

    Name some of those countries that you think have brought justice to their people.

    States and the Wall-Street movement are a good example.

    Do you believe there is justice and equality in The States?

    American people are showing the world that they don’t have even their basic rights in a country that claims freedom, wide-spread welfare and justice.

    It’s crazy and ridiculous to think that everything happening in Iran is bad and all bad things happening all over the world are good. let’s talk turkey. I believe you are not concerned about your country and your people. you are just nagging about something that you don’t believe a bit.

    best wishes

  3. First: I’m talking about the right woman, not the people of America
    If you live in America? Comments that do not.

    Why every time we talk about rights and justice, then you say West

    Question: I executed the stone (which is death for women) is the justice for women

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