We should be so proud to be a woman in Islam

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Studied in Anthropology in the University Padjadjaran Bandung , experienced and trained quite many subjects in the working environment about Public Relations, Communications & Marketing. She is married but still no kid. Learned English and German in UK and Germany and learned French in Indonesia. Firstly she worked for Sales Marketing in Lutfhansa German Airlines for 7 years, then in an Advertising agency – DMB&B for 2 years. Next she has gone to DaimlerChrysler – Mercdes-Benz Indonesia for 5 years, but after working as a profesional , It seems theese professional works have not contented her, she started her new work as a teacher in a primary school as religion teacher to be an active cultural charachter.

Currently , what she do most of the time is volunteer teaching, she is busy with the social activities , and also translating the muslim website at al-islam.org to her mother language and attending many seminars in Islamic countries, mostly about the Islamic roles in the nowadays society and to share the knowledge with the women & children outside the cities to build the character of the strong muslims ummah.  Now she involve in the organization of AhlulBait Indonesia in the division of training the character building.

Further than professional and cultural activities also she had joint the Asian Caravan to Gaza to cover her humanity and Islamic tickles, in the caravan’s path she stayed almost a week in Iran in many cities. Recently she attended  the 5th International Digital Media Festival in Tehran.


 ۱. You are co-operating with some Islamic media, would you please say us more details? What do you do in that site or how many staff this site has and their gender?

A couple months ago the islamic website calls www.al-islam.org ( AhlulBait Digital Library project ) which could be accessed by many languages about the Jafari school of taught, was asking me whether I could joint their member as voluntery translator of  the factsheets in nutshell in bahasa Indonesia ( they have so many projects there, these factsheets is one of theirs, there will be also some books, etc – plz do check at the site ) . But this first project for me to translate factsheets in my languages was offered to me…and for sure I accepted it…so I became a member of their project. We are working from the house. All members , I believe are the shia…

۲. How is the social situation in your country? Do you face any special problem as a muslim?

Indonesia is biggest muslims country but majority are from Ahlul Sunnah…so we are the minority 2-4 %. and the problem we are facing not the real ahlul sunnah but the Wahabism who have an agenda to target the Shia muslims.  They are spreading fitnah as much as they can with making up falsely book about Shia …and sometimes degracing our leader such Imam Khomeini ra …that’s the major obstacles for us facing the huge ‘fitnah’ from wahabism which is already mixed to the ahlul sunnah school of thought. But, this is depend on us how to handle it…me my self do not have any ‘real’ problem being muslim or shiah only for the beginning but it solvable …

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۳. Do you believe muslim families have been able to handle the social and cultural oddities.

Absolutely, being the right & knowledgable muslim could be the solution in the societies. Being Muslims with the knowledge about what they believe in is the power for surrounding to answer the problem in society.

۴. Why do some western countries fight against Hijab? What problem Hijab causes against them?

Same as in everywhere, if they do not understand about the teaching of Islam they will get no where & got astray & talk non sense about Islam.  You do not have to waste your time with the western & else who do not understand about teaching of Islam, just tell them to learn first about Islam, as the teaching of Islam & the people who claim to be muslims are two different things. They are good & bad follower of Islam. but the real teaching of Islam is peace and all about purity & regularity  ( everything must be in order, put everything in the right place which this is the concept of Adl= justice) .

۵. What is your viewpoint regarding Muslim’s unity? Is it possible to improve Muslim’s relationship in the world?

The challenge is for us now…to get united amongst all muslims brother sunni & shia…coz they are too long have been disunity by the zionist regims  who understand well how the dangers if all muslims are together….so this is our MUST to make an effort to get united amongs all muslim as this is the enemy’s afraid of….

To improve our unity amongst muslims, we must take a serious steps to find always the similarity amongst us instead of differences…sometimes to give up our values just to gain the strong relationship are compulsory ….it’s very possible and it need a strong effort & will.

۶. If you were the legislator of your country, would you vote for mandatory Hijab?

sure…as I mentioned before..hijab is one of the Divine’s instruments to harmonized this earth…yes it is obligatory…

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۸. What are the ways of preventing corruption? Can we expect society to be morally sound with an absolute freedom of veiling?

Again, the corruption values will be implied only to the society who do not have a knowledge of Islam…. Islam is not only be seen as a religions but more to the way of life as I also mentioned before that is the Divine’s law who is the Creator of this earth . It’ s not that what we want to but this law is from the Owner of These Universe, so we do not have other choices as we still live in His earth than we must follow the Divine’s law ( His law / His will )

۹. Do you suggest black color for Hijab?
This I am not sure…I personally like black color although here is not possible to wear like the iranian chadur, so we do not wear chadur here, just a hijab with colour ( but again this is me ( who just a makhluk- His creation – who am I suppose to like what I like ) ….but actually  we MUST just  follow what Hazrat Fatimah Az Zahra as who is one of the infallible & the one who knows exactly what the Divine’s will.


۱۰. What is your idea about Chador? Do you believe it is a better coverage to guarantee women’s chaste?

yes…I think ,  chadur is a great for women to be able to be in the society and minggle with others and at the same time keep their chastity.

۱۱.  Is there a huge difference between the role of women in Islamic families with that of western families? If so, please explain?

the role of women in general must the same… in western the women could do what ever they want and that’s why is far to maintain chastity..meanwhile in Islamic culture, women could go out working or do anything else but must follow to the shariah law,  one of them is wearing a hijab and keep chaste …

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۱۲. Do you believe there are differences between male & female in terms of duties, responsibilities, humanity, etc. ?

 I believe Allah the Creator created men & women as His creation as human are the same human being but with different functions . So, every each of His creation has a different function .. so, women are more domestically functions as she to give a birth to their children,bring them up and her tasks are more to educate their children to become a best generation, that’s why is a must to keep chastity for women …meanwhile men are more to earn for life to fulfill the need of his family , he must provide the household’s need to sustain the life of the family, more in the outside world dealing with others….so Allah are just, HE treats HIS creations as per the functions ..so it create harmony in this earth

۱۳. What comes quickly to your mind when you hear the word «Iran»? Are you willing to have a trip to Iran?

Iran…just love it…as the first word Iran is remind me of Imam Khomeini ra who give a light to these world….and remind me of the soil of Ahlul Bayt ( pbuth) , feel great and spiritual … I envy to the Iranian who got all what u need in life…everywhere there are ImamZadeh, fruits, landscapes, people….wow…it’s an Ahlul Bayt’s country, Imam Ali’s lover…sure Rasulullah ( pbuh ) & his progeny are happy to see the Iranian who praised & loved them so much…the country of SALAWAT….love that!!!  May Lord Almigty hasten the upcoming of  Imam Zaman atfs …

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۱۴. How do you handle working as a social activist the same time with managing a happy and warm family?

actually, if we know the real meaning of why we r here, in this earth- in HIS earth , like it stated in the holy Quran Nur Karim ( QS 51 : 56 ) , it won’t be any conflict of interest between working in the society & managing a household. The objective is clear that we here just to worship HIM ( to recognize HIM- marifatullah ) . And the word happy is very relative some people think happiness are created by the outside