We should be so proud to be a woman in Islam

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Studied in Anthropology in the University Padjadjaran Bandung , experienced and trained quite many subjects in the working environment about Public Relations, Communications & Marketing. She is married but still no kid. Learned English and German in UK and Germany and learned French in Indonesia. Firstly she worked for Sales Marketing in Lutfhansa German Airlines for 7 years, then in an Advertising agency – DMB&B for 2 years. Next she has gone to DaimlerChrysler – Mercdes-Benz Indonesia for 5 years, but after working as a profesional , It seems theese professional works have not contented her, she started her new work as a teacher in a primary school as religion teacher to be an active cultural charachter.

Currently , what she do most of the time is volunteer teaching, she is busy with the social activities , and also translating the muslim website at al-islam.org to her mother language and attending many seminars in Islamic countries, mostly about the Islamic roles in the nowadays society and to share the knowledge with the women & children outside the cities to build the character of the strong muslims ummah.  Now she involve in the organization of AhlulBait Indonesia in the division of training the character building.

Further than professional and cultural activities also she had joint the Asian Caravan to Gaza to cover her humanity and Islamic tickles, in the caravan’s path she stayed almost a week in Iran in many cities. Recently she attended  the 5th International Digital Media Festival in Tehran.


 ۱. You are co-operating with some Islamic media, would you please say us more details? What do you do in that site or how many staff this site has and their gender?

A couple months ago the islamic website calls www.al-islam.org ( AhlulBait Digital Library project ) which could be accessed by many languages about the Jafari school of taught, was asking me whether I could joint their member as voluntery translator of  the factsheets in nutshell in bahasa Indonesia ( they have so many projects there, these factsheets is one of theirs, there will be also some books, etc – plz do check at the site ) . But this first project for me to translate factsheets in my languages was offered to me…and for sure I accepted it…so I became a member of their project. We are working from the house. All members , I believe are the shia…

ادامه We should be so proud to be a woman in Islam