Iran: Reality, Woman and Life

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Inaugurated on Tuesday, 10th of July, the 1st Intl conference on ““Women and Islamic Awakening”, with over 1000 women from 80 countries, provided this chance for those women who had wrong presuppositions pendulating in their mind about Iran, woman and her life, to have the testimony of their own eyes in the case; true or untrue.

This self-observation exposed well, as they said, the falsity of the old story of the camera obscura of women life in Iran. Reversed and inverted, the images have produced a perversion of truth originated in the deceitful broadcasted reports and films, published books (story, comic and etc) and so on by anti-Iranian Islamic government think tanks or authorities, notably USA and occidental countries.

Even outdated and quite not new, there is a huge number of people who still share the wrong thought that woman in Iran is systematically oppressed, both by Islamic government at the top and by men at other levels, and her stature is belittled and considered less worthy by her men counterparts.

Covered in black and not allowed to wear any other color, this fixated image says that the woman in Iran is degraded, deprived of her very basic rights and yet she does not stand on her own identity; she is nothing but what her husband, father and government -ruled by Mollās in their words- define and decree instead. Moreover, there is always a concierge standing over her body, ready to beat her to death in any case of insubordination.

What is more disturbing is that any woman who wants to visit Iran on any purpose, is frightened and warned seriously not to do certain things in public: not to laugh, not to wear any color other than black and etc.

“Actually we were wondering if it is ok to wear such clothing, sorry to say that but everyone is in black here” Said Afredita, a member of the parliament in Montenegro who wore colorful clothes (long skirt and a blouse) in light red and pink. “We have been told not to laugh too much in Iran” said Edina, another member of parliament in Montenegro. “We have also been told

not to wear jewelleries, not to talk to men and etc.” added Afredit.[1]

Sticking out to infuse the colour black used in Iran for Hijab with a negative connotation, and yet standing for Islamic radicalism, an ironic contradiction shows itself. Paradoxically, when the same color is used by non-Muslim woman it turns to be an emblem of dignity, beauty and honour. Thus who wears what and where it is worn is the question.

However, the dark cloud shadowed, whether due to wrong information or by evil political or religious intentions, endeavouring to present a gothic picture of the condition and, yet the place in which a woman lives in Iran would resist in the heads unless people open their eyes and see the reality themselves.

These untrue imaginations would be cleared off in the condition that people put all the hearings aside and discover the reality on their own; travel to Iran and see individually the reality, try to hear from a trustworthy eye witness already visited Iran or doing research to uncover the truth  and etc.  A very easy and simple way would be “googling” by tapping “Iran+ woman+ Picture /image” for instance.

Anti-Iranianism and yet these out-of-context propagandas are going to be in full swing and are not going to stop. The issue will be cleared up only if one recognizes from whom is hearing the story, independent of any intention to deceive or the reverse.

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[۱] Conversation between Miss Fahima Kourki Nezhad Gharaie and Madam Afredita & Madam Edina.




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